Hats off to the Heavy-Duty Tow Truckers

Heavy-duty vehicles are sophisticated pieces of machinery. So, it should come as no surprise then that as such, they require a certain level of care and attention. Most semi’s and trailers exceed the maximum capacity allowed for standard tow trucks, but A&M Truck & Trailer Repair goes the extra mile in that regard. Our wreckers […]

A&M Truck and Trailer Repair: Heavy-Duty Care to Get You There

As a truck driver, you want to ensure you’re not subjecting your vehicle to anything short of the best service and care affordable. So, when unfavorable roadside circumstances catch you off guard, you want to have full confidence in the technicians servicing it. A&M Truck and Trailer Repair will accommodate you as much as possible, […]

A&M Truck and Trailer Repair: Your fix for Most Anything

When it comes to your heavy truck needs, we at A&M Truck and Trailer Repair pride ourselves on supplementing a comprehensive list of services – from selling parts and accessories to towing services, we do it all.   We base a great deal of our success on our punctuality and customer service – regardless of […]

Towing Way Beyond Average: A&M Truck and Trailer Repair does it all!

Breaking down, getting stuck, or being stranded on the highway can be a stressful situation, not to mention a heavy blow to your time and finances. But our promise is to not only get you safely on your way, but to turn a bad day better with our prompt arrival times, 24/7 Roadside Assistance, reliable […]

Roadside Assistance in Amherst, OH

When your truck breaks down, or you discover a flat tire, it never happens at a convenient time. Day or night, A&M Truck & Trailer Repair is here for you to provide prompt 24/7 emergency roadside assistance.  Maybe you need to be towed, or maybe you managed to lock your keys in the rig and […]